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- Z Cichej Górki FCI-Kennel - From Silent Hill
Registration No. - 360/08

Date of registration - 29.02.2008r

Our adventure with dogs began recently. We have always dreamt of a happy family in a small house surrounded by a beautiful garden where the dogs run. Slowly our dreams start becoming true. We have a happy little family, a house with a garden, which grows slowly - so the time has become for dogs. Long time we have wondered about a suitable breed for us. The dog had to love family, children, couldn’t be aggressive, but he had to defend his territory. We have chosen Bernese Mountain Dog after browsing a lot of various web pages, and descriptions.I know for sure that it was a good choice. Next we have started an intense search for the right kennel. We have found Bon Voyage kennel, which was located nearby and just so had puppies. We went there to see and we found our Fiona. We brought her in February 2007. During this year she had given us a lot of joy and she learnt us a lot. In early January of 2008 2 years old Kayah Szumiaca Knieja came to us. We brought her from the Baltic seaside. She is the epitome of all the greatest features of Bernese, which make us more confident that bernese mountain dogs are for us. Thanks to our bernese we made a lot of new acquaintances, and maybe even friends. In November 2008, there had born our first puppies from our kennel Z Cichej Górki. It's the biggest miracle that nothing else cannot be compared with. We desired to have dog from our kennel and we did it. Alhambra stayed with us. She was very similar to Kayah, and she felt in love with us, just like we did in her. Our bernese herd has grown by Landseer Nemesis from Aresibo. She’s amusing troublemaker. In April 22, 2010 in our kennel came into the world a unique litter from our Fiona and the most beautiful bernese I've ever seen, dignified, wonderful HERE COMES TROUBLE "MR BRADY QUINN". It was another wonderful moment in our lives. Our Philadelphia has borned. She’s perfect girl, with perfect character and beautiful build and with something ... which delight us. Every day we are finding out that it was the right decision. Philadelphia started her show career at the age of 5.5 months and she won the title Best of Breed, and in 16 months Best Bitch in Breed, Best of Breed (BOB). Her littermate are also successful in exhibitions :)) In 2013 the Kayah Love has born, which has got her name after our Kayah. From the beginning we knew that she would be ours. She’s very curious and friendly. She went through the doggy nursery school and the first exhibition, on which she presented herself very nice. When Kayah diligently trained in the dog nursery school(Korkus), we have been charmed by little Cavalier. She captivated us with her joy. We felt in love with Cavaliers long time ago. We had discovered that they have Bernese’s character. We decided to keep one Cavalier from Doggy Nursery School’s owner. Her name in our home is Layla. :) In May 2014 we had our dreamy litter, after the beautiful Polar(imported from the USA) and our Phili- (also in the middle American pedigree). They had in theirs pedigree the most beautiful dogs in the world, CH, GCH.AM, CAN. CH, Westminster Winner 2012 Top Dog US in 2011 Alpenspirit WHO 'S ON FIRST (Abbott), Am, Can. CH Anastasia SUMMERS IN DILLON (DILAN) and that’s why Beuty Adele and Bentley stayed with us. Unfortunately kennel is not only pleasant moments and joy, but also sadness, tears and hard goodbyes. On of the sadest moment was death of Kayah in 15/07/14. She was 8 years and 8 months. Our twins wonderfully started her show career and they win alternately, what give us a lot of satisfaction. The most important is that they have a lot of fun with exhibitions. Another breakthrough in our kennel career is an exhibition in Katowice in 2015. Debut in the junior class and... big surprise. Bentley was 10 months old and won in his class among 10 beautiful dogs :) But even greater surprise we experienced when our Adele was FIRST among 27 girls!!! Adele also won JUNIOR WINNER.
We are very proud that our puppies bring so much joy to their owners and also that they are the most important for them . At the same time, our dog family has grown by many wonderful people we had pleasure to meet.

Webmaster: Mateusz Cichy